Orange Season Version 0.2.3

It hasn’t been a week since version 0.2.2 was released, but here I am again with another update. This is the changelog:

  • Added new characters: Cinth and Rory
  • Added Rory’s Farm House
  • Improved Billy Routine
  • Added new animals: Yaks, Mountain Goats and Ducks
  • Added new seeds: Cabbage, Broccoli and Chillipepper
  • Added Pat-Pat (Nathalia’s cat)
  • Fixed issue with Serge’s Routine
  • New Items: Yak Milk, Mountain Goat Milk and Duck Egg
  • Renamed Chicken Feed to Bird Feed
  • Added new cutscene with Raphael and Devin
  • From now on, Breaking an Ore Node will always give you an item, even if it is just clay.
  • Changed the speed boost you receive when riding animals
  • Fixed issue that caused weeds to grow over tilled soil and crops
  • Fixed issue that prevented the game from loading mods when it wasn’t run through steam.
  • Changed game to automatically load images from mod folders instead of loading regular game images. This allows mods to replace game graphics without any code.
  • Increased silver node spawn rate
  • Increased chance of finding blue crystals
  • Added a screen effect to indicate a cutscene is being played. Also paused the music.
  • Fixed position issue with player animations
  • Fixed every clock in the game (They now show the correct hour)
  • Fixed some grammar issues
  • Fixed issue that caused animals and objects in the farm house to be left behind when expanding the house.
  • Modders: I’ve added many new methods to the content manager, to allow manipulation of villagers’ dialogues.

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