Orange Season Update 0.3.1 and Summer Sale

Hello everyone! I’m releasing a new update just in time for Steam’s and’s Summer Sale! If you want to get the game now, it is 30% off on both stores!

Here’s what’s new:

Improved graphics

This update is improving the graphics of the horses, houses and cliffs, slightly changing the style of the game to be even cuter. The same changes will be applied to everything else with more updates in the feature.

Changes to Miner’s Guild

If you’ve been to the Miner’s Guild before, then you’ve already met Roberto. This update is replacing him with a new character: Martin. Martin has the same lines and personality previously used in Roberto, it’s just a new name and appearance. Roberto will be added back to the game in the future with a new role.

Changes to large animals

You can now ride large animals as soon as they get to the farm. You don’t have to wait until you gain their trust anymore. The process of riding the animals was also simplified: You don’t have to select an option on a quick menu anymore, when you click an animal for the first time on a day you’ll pet him. If you click again, you’ll ride him.

Changes to the hammer

Upgraded hammers will now give you a better chance of getting a crystal, when you break a blue rock node. Golden hammers can also break the new boulders that were added to the game on this update.

New cave and emerald nodes

There’s a new cave on the game, accessible from the very beginning of the game, where you can sometimes find emerald nodes. The chance of finding them is small, so you may need to go there for a few days on a row to be able to get one.

No more gates

To simplify the access to your coop and barn animals, the gate items were replaced by regular fences, which you can now jump over. When riding a horse or any other large animal, you’ll still be able to jump over the fences, but none of them will jump on their own.

New early game content

I’ve started working on the game’s main story with new scenes, dialogues and quests. You’ll no longer start with a barn and coop, but you’ll receive a coop from Raphael after a couple of days. Stella will also give you your first animal if you go talk to her. It’s an orange chicken with better stats than the ones you buy from the ranch. It will give you a better chance of winning the chicken race on the first year.

New database screen and completion rate

I’ve added a new option to the main game menu where you can see how many items you’ve harvested and sold, your achievements and also a general completion rate of the available game content.

Changes to crops

Crops can die now. Each type of crop has a different chance of dying, but as a general rule: crops that you can only harvest once will only die if you forget to water them, but crops that regrow after the first harvest have a small random chance of dying even if you water them everyday.

Sugarcane and Wheat no longer need to be watered. They are cheap products, but once you sow the seeds you’ll have no extra work with them.

Updated Trailer:


  1. Encountered an issue. First time playing (love the game) i had the broken axe and went to the mines and accidently used it instead of my hammer. Resulted in repeated alerts about a missing sprite until i had to force quit the game

  2. Hello! I haven’t seen anything from in you for a while, so just checking to make sure that everything’s still ok! So, uh… everything ok?

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