Orange Season Update 0.2.8

Hello everyone! It’s me again, with another new update for orange season! There’s nothing big this time, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements:

  • Fixed hud flickering.
  • Fixed invalid location when moving between summer areas.
  • Added new villager conversations.
  • Improved calendar.
  • Changed general store layout.
  • Improved game performance.
  • Added Green Watering Can Update.
  • Added a New Shop Scene and used it on all stores.
  • Tool Upgrading now takes a few days to complete.
  • Added an option to sell animals.
  • Added an option to chat and gift villagers while they work.
  • Changed blue crystal drop rate to be less random.
  • Fixed issue that caused the rooster to never be delivered.
  • Fixed the Curupira’s quest triggers.
  • Added option to shutdown the game from the pause menu.
  • Changed watered tiled soil color.
  • Fixed bug that could be used to duplicate items.
  • Fixed issue that caused objects to stop working if you were inside the mines at 6am.
  • Fixed issue that caused the game to crash on macs.
  • Fixed issue that caused the game to give the player free items when they don’t have enough money to buy something.

The next big update I’ll work on is the cooking system. If you’ve been following the game for a while, you may remember there used to be a very basic cooking system available in the earlier demos a few years ago, but I recently had a new idea for it that I want to try and I think you’re all gonna like it too. There may be one more quality of life update before the new system is ready, but it should be complete by next month.

As usual, if you find any bug in the new update, please report it so I can patch it ASAP.

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