Orange Season Update 0.2.5


  • The game went through a huge process of recoloring, making the scenarios brighter and more vivid.
  • Some of the Winter Season scenarios were redrawn.

New Areas:

  • Path to Winter Mountain – Can only be accessed in winter
  • Winter Mountain – Once you enter this area, you can take the mine cart in Rock Town to come back to it whenever you want. This area is always on winter season, regardless of the time of the year
  • Path to Ancient Ruins – A new cave inside the gold mine, unlocked with a task.
  • Ancient Ruins – The ruins of an ancient civilization, this area is always in spring time, regardless of the time of the year.


  • Although not initially planned for the game, sprinklers have been a popular demand ever since the first version released on Early Access. This version finally includes a basic sprinkler, capable of watering a 3×3 area around itself (8 tiles in total).
  • To unlock the sprinklers, you need to trigger a cutscene in Devin’s plotline.

Other changes:

  • The drop rate of rubies (from ruby nodes) was decreased from 100% to 60%. With the new area, the game has a much larger number of Ruby Node Spawn Points.
  • From now on, your dog will always be near your house door when you wake up (unless you leave him in some other area)
  • Candy Day was moved to Winter.
  • Billy and Cinth can now accept gifts once a week.

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