Orange Season Demo – Day 1 Report

Have you had a chance to play the Orange Season Demo, released yesterday? The download link is on the sidebar.

Before the demo went public, a brazilian user tried to stream it on twitch. Said user has beta access to the game and had already played it a few times, but yesterday he ran into a weird issue: Everytime there was text on the screen, the game would present extreme lag, which ruined the streaming. I asked him to try playing the game without the custom font I added and everything worked fine.

Based on that, I included a temporary workaround to the problem: a setting to use the old font. During the day, three other players reported the same problem and the new option apparently helped. I don’t understand much about fonts, but I’m trying to figure out what’s causing this. If I don’t find anything, I may just replace the font by another one.

The next reported bug is something that shouldn’t have slipped past me: The character’s name wasn’t being stored in the save file. If you closed the game and loaded your previous save, the character would suddenly be named just “Player”. I fixed it and also included a temporary option to rename the character. If you want to rename yours, just check the bookcase in your room.

The third issue is another one that seems weird when playing. If you go to the game settings and enable tile based movement, the character would be able to walk over objects, but only when walking from left to right. From any other direction the collision would work as intended, but when moving right the character would just walk over anything like that. Of course this was already used for cheating. One player managed to get the broken axe quest earlir in the game because of it.

Another simple bug reported this morning was that the game would throw an error message if you’re inside the restaurant when it’s time for it to close (9pm on weekdays, midnight on weekends).

Finally, one player suggested the addition of “nutritional information” when checking a food item in the rucksack, so I included that in the game too.

Don’t forget to download the updated demo to get those changes.

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