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I no longer provide support to rpg maker plugins.

As most of you probably know, last friday a popular rpg maker artist was banned from the rpgmakerweb forums, due to art theft. A long discussion started about it and many people said they no longer wanted to use anything made by that person. This included an overlay plugin. Even though the plugin was made by Kaus himself, people no longer wanted to use it, so I offered to make a replacement plugin that would read the same parameters. You can download my plugin here.


You can use this plugin to add overlay images to your maps
You can keep the images either on the img/parallaxes folder, or (if you set the Organized Folders param to true) on separate folders like this:


All image filenames must end with the number of the map that they are used on.

Map notetags:

<all> : Display all overlays 
<ground> : Display ground overlay
<par> : Display parallax overlay
<light> : Display light overlay
<shadow> : Display shadow overlay
<fogName:filename> : Display the specified fog image
<fogOpacity:number> : Change the opacity level of the fog image (0 to 255)
<fogBlend:number> : Changes the blend type of the fog image
<fogDuration:number> : Changes the duration of the opacity transition
<xMove:number> : Changes the horizontal speed of the fog
<yMove:number> : Changes the vertical speed of the fog

You can use variables numbers on the notetags by adding a $ symbol before the value.
Plugin Commands

 Overlay layertype filename

Possible layer types: ground, light, shadow, par.

Overlay fog filename opacity xMove yMove blendmode duration

Changes the fog params to the ones specified in this command.
Blendmode and duration are optional
Overlay fog fog1 100 10 0 0 20
This will display the file fo1 with opacity 100 and move horizontally 10px at a time, with a transition of 20 frames

Overlay fadeout duration

Do a fadeout effect on the current fog. This command will disable the fog switch at the end of the fadeout effect.

Overlay addfog filename ID Opacity xMove yMove BlendType Z

Adds an extra fog layer. BlendType and Z values are optional

Overlay removefog ID

Removes an extra fog that was added with the addfog command

Version 1.1.2:
Fixed several small issues with the opacity
Get it here

Free to use on any game.


I no longer provide support to rpg maker plugins.


  1. Hello!

    I just wanted to let you know about a bug I encountered with the Orange Overlay plugin:

    The light layer doesn’t work at all. The Fog works perfectly at first, but when the player is transferred to another location (even if its still within the same map), the Fog layer completely disappears throughout the whole game (in other maps too).

    I tested it out in many different ways and the result is always the same, in my game at least. I also tired it by turning off all my other plugins, and it still did the same thing. I dont know why, but this doesnt happen at all when using Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin, but the reason I wanted to make the switch in the first place was because Kaus’s fog layer disappears if I try to continue from a save-game for some reason, and the light layer doesn’t work at all either.

    Thanks! I hope you can spare some time to help. If you can’t, I also understand. 🙂

  2. The problem with the light is the maximun size of the picture. Thats a problem in big maps. The maximun size of the light is 8000 pixels or so. If the png is bigger than 8k, the light disappear and not shown in the game

  3. Does not work at all. I have a parallax image and in the map’s notetag. The parallax image is not displayed.
    Also, when I start a new game, the character cannot move. Not even with STRG pressed. The character can move when I load a savegame.

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