About Orange Season

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is a farm life game. Inspired by the old Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing series, the game aims to bring back that same kind of experience.

Focusing on building an easy gameplay, with a lot of exploration and character development, the project is now two years old. What started as a simple windows only RPG Maker game back in 2014, grew up to a much bigger project than I had first imagined.

After an entire year of development, thanks to the great feedback from the community (specially the brazilian communities about Harvest Moon games), I aimed for a higher quality release and moved away from the very limited features of RPG Maker Vx Ace, writing the entire game code myself, now in HTML5 with Javascript (with the RPG Maker MV engine). I also replaced the art style completely. The old one was a farm asset pack called Rural Farm Tiles. The new one is being custom drawn by an artist, using Pixel Myth Germania as a base. All of the new game musics are composed by Scarlet Moon Productions. Everything else is being made by me.

Some information about the game:

  • High focus on exploration, with over a hundred hand crafted areas (mountains, forests, caves, lakes, deserts and much more).
  • Three different towns, with different themes and dozens of characters each.
  • Several festivals inspired by real life festivities from around the world.
  • More than 30 different types of animals.
  • Many different types of farm produce.
  • Marriage system with over 10 marriage candidates.
  • Rival Marriage system, without predefined couples.
  • Farm customization (you can move your buildings around and place patterns on the floor).
  • Several minigames.
  • Share a single farm and inventory across different save files, so you can marry different villagers without replaying the whole game.
  • Companion System: You can ask a villager to hang out with you, or take one of your animals for a walk. They will follow you and participate on everything you do.
  • Mod System: Every single detail of the game can be modified by installing mods on them.
  • Open Source: The whole game code will be available on release, so modders can change anything they want.

During the development of Orange Season, the game Stardew Valley was released, bringing a lot of new attention to this genre, here’s a small comparison between Orange Season and Stardew Valley:

  • No fighting: Orange Season is a peaceful farm game like Harvest Moon.
  • More dialogues: You can talk to the villagers everyday and for a very long time there will always be something new to hear from them.
  • Puzzles: There are many areas that will be filled with puzzles that you can solve for a nice reward.
  • Longer plot: If you like following a story, you’ll have a good time here.

Is there anything else you would like to know about this game? Leave a comment 🙂



  1. Very cool looking forward to a demo. I’m glad you moved away from RPG maker so hopefully a Linux release could show up. Anyways I have a soft spot for the art style you are going for good luck with your project!

    • Yes. You can have relationships with both genders. And for each character you’ll be able to choose if you want the relationship to be romantic or not.

    • It will, but unfortunatey there will be few customization options at launch. I’ll definitely expand it with updates after launch though.

      The problem is that the main character has way too many animations and I can’t afford many variations of them yet.

  2. Agora que vi em informação de Steam que você sabe português! Então acho que está tudo bem em mandar perguntas em português, né?

    A minha pergunta agora é: Tem alguma previsão para lançamento de uma demo?

    PS: perdoe se estiver fazendo perguntas demais.

    • Acho que consigo lançar uma demo ainda antes do final do ano. Vai ter só uma estação e não vai ter festivais ainda, mas já estará jogável com várias áreas acessíveis.

      Edit: Não consegui lançar a demo em 2016. Estou planejando lançar em março de 2017.

  3. Can we please have the ability to use a controller? I’m really bad with remembering which keyboard to use. And end up wasting time to get Re-acquainted with each button.

    • The last demo was released about a year ago. The game changed so much since then that I decided to take it down. I shall have a new demo available by march.

  4. The game is coming along really well and fair play for changing from RPG Maker mid-development. That’s a big jump. Best of luck with further developments, looking forward to playing it. 🙂

  5. Será possível andar sem roupa por ai? (lembrei de um jogo que isso era possível e ri muito da reação dos personagens ao me ver sem roupa! XD)

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