• Mountain maps looks “blocky”, and are too big for me. I know that you’ll make that fast travel, but still…I have fears. But don’t get me wrong, I love your game and can’t wait to buy it!

        • I keep improving the maps over time (I don’t change the layout of it, but I map it better). The mountains are already looking much better than they did in that video 🙂
          Also, I showed the long way around on purpose, there are many shortcuts in the mountain and no reason to go that long way more than once or twice unless you want to forage.

  1. The color of the rocks is a clue to what ore you’ll mine? Cool! No more praying for certain ores for upgrades! Is there jewels to mine too?

    • It’s a clue to the best kind of ore you can get there. You can still get cheaper types of ores out of the best rocks. There are going to be jewels deeper in the mine.

  2. Como evoluiu esse projeto, lembro de mim dando feedback no launcher haha. Um dos maiores jogos do RPG Maker. Parabéns cara, sei o quão difícil é criar um jogo, continua !!!

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