A Spring Day

January 8, 2017 8

This is a 7 minute video displaying some elements of the game

Two plugins stopped working

August 11, 2016 6

With the update to MV 1.3, OrangeMapshot stopped working. And with the new Steam SDK, OrangeGreenworks stopped working too.

New Sprites

July 31, 2016 2

I’ve finally replaced some of the character sprites for the new art style of the game.

Orange Overlay

June 14, 2016 6

As most of you probably know, last friday a popular rpg maker artist was banned from the rpgmakerweb forums, due to art theft. A long […]

New Art Style and Music

April 19, 2016 1

This is an exciting year for the fans of farming games. On Steam we’ve had Stardew Valley, World’s Dawn, Our Love Will Grow. And also Wild Season […]

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